Timeless Spa at Dubai International Airport

Timeless Spa at Dubai International Airport

Timeless Spa at Dubai International Airport

Terminal 3

Dubai International Airport

United Arab Emirates

Passengers travelling through Dubai International Airport can now enjoy a Timeless Spa experience and savour their range of healing practices drawn from cultures around the world. Timeless Spas are now operating at three sites in Terminal 3.

t: view phone+971 4 505 9555

Here at Dubai International Airport, you can feel relaxed before you fly. While waiting to board your onward journeys, passengers can spend their last few hours in Dubai being pampered by our highly-skilled therapists.

Timeless Spa therapists are renowned for their wide range of expertise across a multitude of wellness and rejuvenation disciplines, which draw on ancient wisdom and cultural traditions from around the world.

First Class Emirates passengers can enjoy a range of complimentary express treatments from Timeless Spa within the First Class Lounge.

Business Class Emirates passengers can treat themselves to Timeless Spa's express treatments for a nominal charge within the Business Class Lounge. All other passengers travelling through Dubai International Airport, whether they are flying with Emirates or any other airline, can find the complete Timeless Spa experience adjacent to the Airport Hotel, located at the U4 level.

Hours of work

Open 9am-9pm 7 days a week


Timeless Spas are also located at the Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa, Dubai and The Harbour Hotel and Residence, Dubai.

Relaxation room: Yes

Spa cuisine: Yes

Couples packages: No

Pre and post natal packages: Yes

Men's packages or services: Yes

Signature treatments: Timeless Spa's signature treatments draw on the wisdom of Rasoul, Middle Eastern and South Eastern aromatherapy traditions. A wide range of facials, body treatments and bath rituals are available.

Massage: Massages include Timeless Body Treatment, Swedish Massage, Desert Aroma Massage, Desert Hot Stone Therapy, De-stress Back Massage, De-stress Back Massage with Reflexology

Products: Every Timeless Spa around the world features signature treatment products unique to its location.

Never Again! Star OnStar OffStar OffStar OffStar Off - 02/07/2015 18:22:21
Andrew from N/A
I refused to tip and refused to give the team any written compliments about the business the shoved the feedback form under my nose ASAP.
I had one request when I booked and a reconfirmed this 3 times with the receptionist on arriving. I requested no almond oil or fragranced oil to be used. "Yes yes yes yes we can do that sir!". Unfortunately I'm alergic to these and it's a very uncomfortable situation when I'm exposed to them. I need antiimflamotories to calm down my skin for at least 7 days. So here I am about to board the next 10hr leg of my flight doused in oils, 3 showers later 4 containers of shampoo getting it off my skin and hair.
I can 't recall the massage as this is what I'm left with a very uncomfortable week ahead.
Never never again will I use this poor customer service. The receptionist attempt to apologize was pointless and the person on the phone inefficient. I'm not seeking a compensation just want you to hear that a customer pays for a service was not heard or respected.
Thanks for the discomfort.
Very Relaxing Experience Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar Off - 12/26/2010 00:46:23
SIDDHARTH from Kuwait
I was hesitant initially. However, after the ice was broken, enjoying thirty minutes to an hour in the spa is a routine during transit at the Dubai airport. It is a very relaxing experince and the people are very polite and friendly.





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